How To Fix And Fix MP237 Board Is Totally Dead

How To Fix And Fix MP237 Board Is Totally Dead. If you have a Canon MP237 series printer that is experiencing blackout issues, don’t rush out and buy a new printer.

Because this printer is still repairable, man. Are you sure you want to know how to do it? Then follow the steps that I will teach you below.

How To Fix And Fix MP237 Board Is Totally Dead

To overcome this problem it is necessary to analyze the canon mp237 printer which has a TOTAL OFF problem starting from the easiest and sequential level to the most difficult which is the next one.

Right off the bat, here’s How To Fix And Fix MP237 Board Is Totally Dead

  1. For the first friendly step, disassemble the printer by first opening the rear cabinet by removing the two screws, then proceed to open the top panel cover in the ON/OFF section, then open the side cover where the motherboard is located. Then take the motherboard carefully.
  2. The second step, my friend, pay attention to the motherboard image above. The numbers that appear in the image are a sequence of steps that we will perform.
  3. First of all, my friend, check the fuse/fuse on the motherboard, check with a multi-tester.
  4. If it turns out to be blown, replace it with a new fuse, but if the fuse turns out to be okay, then the next step is to check the diode I circled and number two.
  5. To check the components on the faulty MP237 board, you must first remove them from the board and then inspect them with a multi-tester.
  6. First set the multitester to the omh setting and check by turning the tip of the multitester/probe on the diode end of the section. If we check that the needle diode is moving and then hold the needle, then the diode is good. But if on the contrary, both when marked, it means that the diode is damaged and needs to be replaced with a good one.
  7. The last step that killed this printer is a large IC with many legs as shown in image number 3.
  8. This step must be done by experts and not everyone can do it because it requires the right tools, calm, thorough. and high distribution.

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