The Process of How to Pay Seabank Account Easily and Quickly

BYSNIS.ES – On this occasion the administrator will share information on How to Pay Seabank Account Easily and Quickly.

Seabank is a buyer-owned bank, currently seabank has started to develop and create several new features in its application, such as electricity payments, E-Wallet Top Up, as well as credit top-ups and data packages.

But this time the administrator will focus on how to use a virtual account in the Seabank application. Also, make bill payments, such as paying for du shopee purchases.

What is a Seabank virtual account?

A Seabank virtual account is a payment code that users can use to make purchases and pay bills. For example: buy a product online at shopee and choose a payment method using a seabank virtual account, then you will get a VA code that can be used to pay on the sewbank app.

So instead of being curious, you should see an example of a payment through a Seabank virtual account below.

How to Pay Seabank Account Easily and Quickly

For example, the admin will shop on Shopee and use the Seabank virtual account payment method.

The process of How to Pay Seabank Account Easily and Quickly in Shopee

  • Open the Shopee app
  • Select the product you want to buy, click Check Out.
  • Then select “Payment method”Send”And select“coast
  • Then you will get”Sebank Virtual Account Code(Seabank’s VA code is 781 followed by the mobile number associated with Seabank)
  • Copy the bank’s VA code.

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Seabank VA Bill Payment Process

  • Open the Seabank app
  • Choose a menu”Send
  • Then select the menu “virtual account
  • Then come in.”virtual account code” and click “account that appears
  • Below you will find the payment invoice, check the invoice total and click “Continue
  • Then it will appearTransfer Confirmation” and then click Pay.
  • Enter your Seabank PIN/password.
  • The payment of the virtual Seabank account was successful.

So far, you have successfully paid your virtual Seabank account for payment of Shopee purchases.

Benefits of How to Pay Seabank Account Easily and Quickly

Judging by the above steps, the advantages and advantages of paying a virtual Seabank account is an easy and fast process, automatic verification is carried out, without administration fees. Ok that is How to Pay Seabank Account Easily and Quickly.

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