Review of Epson L565 Printer Specifications And Benefits

Review of Epson L565 Printer Specifications, Benefits and Prices in Bulang, June 2022. The latest L-series printers have several improvements, namely they are faster, more accurate and more durable than the previous series.

Review of Epson L565 Printer Specifications And Benefits

And what will be the subject of discussion tonight is a review of the Epson L565 Series. No, then no, my dear, so the saying goes.

The following are the advantages offered by the Epson 565. Printer

The latest model of L-series printer which has the most complete functions

  • Epson L 565 Series Has all-in-one capabilities namely printer, scan, copy and fax
  • The Epson L565 Series printer has a print speed of up to 33 sheets per minute in monochrome and 15 sheets in color
  • Equipped with ADF function for scanning and copying
    The Epson 565 series is equipped with a piezoelectric micro print head capable of producing a high print resolution of 5760×1440 dpi.
  • Print more efficiently with VSDT
  • Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct connections
  • You can print directly via smartphones and tablets
  • Supports third-party printing solutions

A complete and efficient printing solution

Epson L565 series printers provide the most efficient and comprehensive printing and documentation solutions compared to other L series. This Epson L565 printer is equipped with all-in-one functions, namely print, scan, copy and fax.

This Epson L565 printer is perfect for home printers, small and medium businesses. This printer can also be used together via Ethernet (LAN cable) and Wi-Fi connection from your computer, laptop or mobile device.

Like the previous generation L-series printers, the Epson L565 printer is also equipped with a separate ink tank attached to the side of the printer body.

When fully charged, the Epson L565 series printer can print up to 4,000 sheets in monochrome (black and white) and 6,500 sheets in colour. The ink refilling system with infusion bottles or tubes is claimed to be more efficient and cheaper than buying a new cartridge.

Wireless printing (wireless)

This Epson L565 Series printer is equipped with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct that will help you print not only from a computer or portable device, but your friends can also print document or image files from mobile media. Then the Wi-Fi Direct feature lets you print directly from 4 devices without the help of a router. In addition to a wireless connection, the Epson L565 printer is also equipped with an Ethernet port so you can connect the printer to many computing devices in your home or office.

Higher quality prints with Micro Piezo technology

This latest generation of Epson printers is equipped with micro piezoelectric printhead technology that is more reliable and higher performing than conventional printheads. The micro piezoelectric print head has received several awards and has proven to be more durable than thermal technology. The piezoelectric micro print head is intentionally designed so that the printer can print faster and faster. The latest Epson printer printheads are capable of printing at a maximum resolution of 5760 × 1440 dpi. At this resolution, the Epson L565 printhead can channel ink of various sizes to produce detailed writing, sharper images and smoother gradations.

Epson L565 Printer Specifications

Printer Type: All-in-One
Printing method: piezoelectric
Maximum paper size: A4
The Epson L 565 has print speeds: 33 ppm monochrome and 15 ppm color
Input tray: 100 sheets
Connectivity: USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi
Dimensions: 484 x 377 x 226mm
Weight: 16.7kg

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