Recommend COD courier service with delivery throughout Indonesia

GOKILAT COM : Recommend COD courier service with delivery throughout Indonesia. Courier services are services between goods provided to customers, usually online store customers use these goods delivery services.

Currently, there are many companies that provide cargo transportation services that cover various regions. For the payment methods that are typically used when using freight delivery services, there are several payment methods.

These payment methods include bank transfer payment methods, electric wallets, and also on-site payments. Not all courier services offer this cash on delivery service.

What is COD?

COD is a payment method performed by buyers and sellers, where the payment process for an item takes place when the item arrives at the location. There are many items that can be purchased during the delivery, from home furnishings, fashion electronics, etc.

Recommend COD courier service with delivery throughout Indonesia

As mentioned above, not all courier services can use the COD payment system. There are also items that must be paid for in advance before they can be sent by courier. Here are some Recommend COD courier service with delivery throughout Indonesia:

  • SAP Express is one of the freight forwarding services that can be used in various big cities in Indonesia. This courier service has a faster delivery service. This service is only available on the island of Java. In addition to having a cash on delivery payment method, this courier service also has an automatic receipt entry service.
  • The next delivery service that has a COD service is the TIKI delivery service, this delivery service has various other services. one of them is a delivery service that can be done in 1 day.
  • J&T Express is a courier service widely used by users when shopping online at various existing online stores. The delivery of goods using this service will arrive faster. The safety of the product is guaranteed and, what is more important, the price is quite cheap.
  • So the recommendation for other goods delivery services using cash on delivery services is SiCepat. Currently, courier services are widely known to Indonesians, in addition to which the scope of the delivery of goods itself is already wide. Many online shopping platforms use SiCepat as their messaging service.
  • This is the buyer’s delivery service, there are several free shipping vouchers that can be obtained using the service. Also, using this service can save on shipping costs from the store to the delivery address.
  • The last delivery service that the author recommends to readers is the JNE service. This service allows its users to pay for their purchases on delivery. Also, JNE is a company name well known to the public. Therefore, the security and services provided are unquestionable.

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Recommend COD courier service with delivery throughout Indonesia are used by the public when shopping online or intentionally shipping someone’s package. There are several courier services that have COD services. What services have been written in the article, the following is a discussion of recommendations for courier services that have COD facilities.

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